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Market check/Need to liquidate project AE86

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  • Market check/Need to liquidate project AE86

    1986 Blue Toyota Corolla GT-S (USDM Kouki AE86) ĎBluetopí 16V 4A-GE

    I was passionately involved in AE86/car culture for a few years but as that oh so common tale goes, have had to pay attention to other priorities the last few years. I am motivated to liquidate my project car in order to help out my family (and get rid of stuff to help make a move more realistic).

    Iím asking for a few people in the current knowledge of the market to take a look at this and give me a general idea of a ballpark fair asking price. I donít want to undercut myself nor wait for 5 years to see an offer. Located in Yelm WA. Will need to be trailered home.

    WHY AM I SELLING: I purchased this car as my dream project about 10 or 11 years ago in Florida after coming back from a military deployment. I ended up going through some life changing situations shortly after and it sat in a climate controlled garage unregistered (running fine but untouched) for a couple years. Then I trailered it to Washington state where I moved with my then new wife.

    I installed a lot of aftermarket parts and got it running very well. I was able to enjoy driving it for a single summer (when I think of the cost per hour of time I have been able to drive it I get nauseous). My wife and I bought our first home and soon after that the old stock timing belt broke while I was wrenching on it in the driveway. Not having any expendable income, I just covered it and ignored it. I look at it and know it could be the treasure for someone else that it was going to be for me. It used to make me excited with possibility to see it. Now I just feel like Iím not holding up my end as an owner.

    My wife and I handling the issues that come with managing a young family and liquidating my project is starting to make sense.

    WHAT I AM SELLING: Clean Florida title. The odometer reads about 130k I believe (will check soon). Previous owner said that it was rebuilt around 80k, but I have no way of confirming that. Never tore it down enough to see. Ran fine with even compression and stable idle when parked.

    The first thing I did before ever driving it was drain all fluids and replace with quality new synthetics (coolant, oil, transmission, differential, and brake fluids have all been replaced).

    Most of what I did was maintenance and getting the car back to a good reliable stock(ish) state. All of these parts listed were purchased brand new and installed by me. They all have less than 200-300 miles on them before being parked on pavement under a cover for the last 3 years:

    -Dissassembled the entire wiring harness and cleaned it, inspected every wire and repaired many that had signs of wear/were starting to break. I have worked in high end car audio and home theater, this wiring work is of professional quality.
    -Stainless Brake lines, slotted rotors, aftermarket pads, and synthetic brake fluid
    -Interior is currently gutted and sits with just a single driverís seat installed as I had plans to beadblast the metal and weld in a cage for rigidity.
    -Sparco 2 Spoke Suede Wrapped wheel with NRG Quick release (and quick release lock with key). I have an additional aftermarket wheel I can include that came with the car (not sure on brand as itís unmarked)
    -Cheap and faded knock-off Bride (Driver and passenger) seats with brackets (these seats kind of suck but are functional for the moment, youíll want to replace eventually)
    -Weighted shift knob and billet shifter extender (TWM)
    -Short throw shifter (Unsure on brand but was an awesome piece of kit, big beefy billet components, wasnít cheap)
    -Rear hatch stiffening bar (T3)
    -Full coilovers (T3 not sure on the spring compression anymore but I can look it up. I remember it being middle of the pack on what most recommended for drift/autocross versatility)
    -Adjustable red anodized billet Cam-gears (T3)
    -Aluminum aluminum Radiator shroud (T3 brand?)
    -Aftermarket thick aluminum radiator (Godspeed)
    -Rebuilt ignition with OEM parts (coils, Iridium NGK Plugs, wires)
    -Flushed the heater core (I was wrenching on this in WA in the winter lol)
    -Aftermarket speakers (nothing special but they all work and arenít blown)
    -Aftermarket aluminum wheels. Not sure on brand but I loved the look of them. Little bit of a lip due to offset.
    -Cat back high flow exhaust and muffler. No brand marks noticeable, was likely done by a muffler shop. Looks like quality work. Was on the car when I bought it.
    -Strut tower Tri-Brace (T3)
    -Injen Short Ram intake
    -Removed TVIS

    -I do have most of the interior that the buyer can have if they want. It was a blue interior in fair to poor shape. Serviceable but nothing special.
    -The back lid has some small amount of damage (a couple small holes) where a TRD style wing was installed and through friends not understanding and trying to help, they pushed the car with the wing and it broke the brackets. Many attachment methods would be appropriate.
    -Black gel-coated TRD style wing included (install brackets have been a little messed up and will need some basic fabrication to install)
    -I have the OEM snowflake wheels that come with the car.
    -I believe I have at least 1 of the OEM blue seats still (maybe both, I will have to look)
    -The driver side door handle doesnít from the outside work. Just lifts up with no tension. The inner metal arm likely just came disconnected but I have ignored it
    -Some very minor rust spots around the car, mostly on the normal troublespots. Nothing all the way through the metal, just surface oxidation waiting to be blasted and saved. The shell is above average and why I purchased this particular vehicle.

    Iím sure Iím forgetting something, but this should be enough to start the discussion at least. Thanks so much for taking a look at this and giving me access to your knowledge.


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      I PMed you.