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[For sale] Racing transmission with straight cut gears

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  • [For sale] Racing transmission with straight cut gears

    For sale is a type-e rocket 4-speed racing transmission with straight cut synchro gears.

    This is a Ford transmission which is very light (24kg vs 30kg for the T50), strong and reliable. It comes with a special bellhousing which allo wes you to bolt it up to your 4A-GE engine.

    The transmission is in a good shape and all gears are engaging very smoothly and it doesnt make any strange sounds.

    It was used with just ~ 170hp, so not even close to the 230-240hp power rating of the gears.

    I am converting to another engine, hence the sale.

    Transmission Info:
    Ford Type-E 4 Speed close ratio 'Rocket' gearbox
    It comes with Tran-X straight cut gears (Tran-X is now a division of Quaife)
    Ratios are: 2.48 - 1.69 - 1.28 - 1

    The gear engagement is normal, so this is not a sequential transmission. Hence it has service intervals like a normal transmission.

    I will also include:

    - Propshaft (you will need to cut the front part off and get it welded on your exisiting propshaft)
    - Lightweight flywheel (stock 4A-GE one, but machined extensively)
    - Clutch (special clutch from, clutch cover will suit 4A-GE flywheel, clutch plate will match Ford type-e spline. You should consider to replace the clutch plate for a new one, it still has life in it (~7mm thick) but not much)
    - clutch fork

    The transmission gears are worth ~ USD 1350.00 alone, a stock type-e rocket transmission is very rare and is ~ USD 500.00 by itself.

    I will let the transmission, propshaft, flywheel, clutch go for USD 1700.00. I will also include a complete brand new gasket kit for free.
    Shipping worldwide and payment via Paypal is possible.

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    Still available, here a comparison between both TRD, the stock and the type-e transmission.